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How to Remove a Toilet?

How to Remove a Toilet?

Issue Time:2021-05-12

When there is a problem with the toilet or when we want to remodel the bathroom, we need to disassemble the old toilet. So as long as the specific steps are clarified, we can operate it ourselves. The following are the specific steps of toilet disassembly.

(1) First check the old toilet for cracks. Please pay special attention to the place where you want to lift the toilet. The toilet is made of ceramics, which cuts people like glass, so you should wear thick working gloves when you move the toilet. 

(2) Pick up the water tank cover-remove the water tank cover and take the cover to a place where it will not be touched.

(3) Turn off the water source, the position of the water valve is on the left side of the toilet.

(4) Flush away the water in the water tank, press the flush handle and don't let it go, let the water run completely, put on rubber gloves, and use a sponge or towel to dry the water that has not yet flowed out of the water tank.

(5) Scoop up the remaining water in the toilet with a small disposable container. Use a sponge or towel to dry the remaining water in the toilet.

(6) Remove the connected water pipe from the wc toilet, and pour the excess water into the bucket.

(7) Connect the water tank to the toilet seat. The bolts may not be removed. It sometimes takes several hours to remove the water tank from the toilet seat.

(8) Remove the nut and the fixing bolt. Sometimes the bolt will turn, so use a hacksaw to cut the bolt. You can buy a single-handle saw, which is convenient for use in small work areas.

(9) If your toilet seat is glued to the floor with caulking glue, please use a utility knife to cut the sealant.

(10) Gently shake the bathroom toilet to loosen the toilet from the adhesive sealant.

(11) Ask another person for help and lift up the bathroom toilet. At this time, keep your back straight and support the weight with your legs. Put the removed old toilet and toilet parts in a place where it will not interfere with work, and pad them with rags or towels because they will be a little dirty. Otherwise, you can put it on a rag or plastic cloth and drag it away.

(12) Plug the drainpipe with a rag to prevent the gas from the sewer from escaping.

(13) If the fixing bolts are broken, remove them and replace them with new ones.

(14) Use a putty knife to scrape off the old sealant on the flange and floor.

If there are some thorny problems in the process of disassembling the bathroom toilet, we can ask professional staff to carry out the operation to prevent some safety accidents. If you still have some doubts about the disassembly of the toilet after reading the above steps, you can contact us for a more detailed solution.

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