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7 Installation Steps for Wall Hung Toilets

7 Installation Steps for Wall Hung Toilets

Issue Time:2021-06-07
 the seven installation steps of a wall-hung toilet

The wall-hung toilet is a relatively new style of toilet, and it is used in modern homes a lot, but many people do not understand its specific installation method. The following are the seven installation steps of a wall-hung toilet.

1. Determine the height of the water tank

If the wall hung toilet is a top-press type water tank, it needs to be 82+xcm from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the adjustable feet according to the thickness of the decorative layer xcm; if it is a side-press type water tank, the amount from the upper part of the bracket to the bottom of the adjustable feet is 100cm+xcm.

2. Fixing screws

The installation of the water tank bracket of the wall-hung toilet is mainly fixed by 4 screws, 2 on the upper part of the bracket and 2 on the supporting feet. All the screws must be fastened. When installing, ensure that the surface of the water tank bracket is horizontal and the vertical surface is vertical.

3. Connect the water pipe

Connect the water pipe to the water tank inlet angle valve. It is strictly forbidden to install the matching angle valve in the water tank outside the tank body, otherwise, it will cause trouble in cleaning and maintenance of the water tank, and it is impossible to open and close the angle valve.

4. Drain pipe installation

The drain pipe is a part that must be installed in the wall-hung toilet. If the concealed water tank is installed in the original pit, the short pipe connecting the water tank and the drain pipe must be greater than Φ90 to prevent the toilet from being blocked.

5. Install protection devices

The installation of the protection device should be carried out before the false wall is made and the decorative layer is installed. The screw protection hose is installed, divided into two parts, and the parts are sleeved at the front and rear ends of the screw to avoid the false wall or the decorative layer from blocking the screw hole.

6. Fake wall production

(1)Red brick wall

Red bricks are sealed at the edges and gaps of the water tank bracket, and a red brick wall of about 50mm is built in front of the water tank, and the water tank protection frame, flushing pipe, drain pipe, and screw position are reserved. The minimum thickness of the red brick is about 50mm.

(2)Light steel keel + moisture-proof gypsum board

When installing the light steel keel, it should be kept flat with the water tank bracket, and the gypsum board should be close to the surface of the bracket and fixed to avoid the phenomenon of cracking of the decorative materials.

(3)Gray brick + steel wire mesh

Use bricks at the edges and gaps of the water tank bracket to keep it level with the surface of the bracket. Use a steel wire mesh slightly larger than the bracket to seal the water tank bracket as a whole, and fix the steel wire mesh on the brick wall.

7. Install the toilet

After the false wall is installed, attach the sound insulation pad to the decorative wall, measure and cut the pipe, install the toilet according to the position of the screw, and adjust the horizontal position of the toilet when installing the wall hung toilet, and cut off the excess sound insulation pad after completion.

The correct installation of the wall-hung toilet can give us a better experience, and it will reduce a lot of trouble in the future. If you still have doubts about the installation of wall-hung toilets after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed information and solutions.

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