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Why Are Wall Hung Toilet So Popular This Year?

Why Are Wall Hung Toilet So Popular This Year?

Issue Time:2021-04-08
What is a wall-hung toilet? As the name implies, the wall-mounted toilet is worth the WC toilet hanging on the wall, and different from the traditional toilet, the water tank is hidden in the wall, at the same time, there is no contact between the toilet and the ground, the whole will form a unique shape, simple and chic, and can create a more refreshing and transparent feeling for space visually.

So what are the advantages of a wall-mounted toilet?

Convenient and clean
Compared with the floor toilet, hanging on the wall does not contact with the ground, naturally, there is no dead corner of health, easier to clean, let us in cleaning more easily, and reduce the dead corner of health means to reduce the breeding of bacteria and odor, whether it is large or small family are very suitable.

Small footprint
From the point of view of saving space, it is very popular among the post-90s young people now. As we all know, the rising housing price in modern society is definitely a challenge for many young people. Hanging type closestool suits small family household especially, its covers an area of an area smaller, namely in making respect of a small toilet, can be a more reasonable plan. This can create bigger mobile space for us, also let the area of the whole toilet appear more open, give us more comfortable enjoyment on the vision.

Selective diversity
Wall hung toilet can be a more flexible choice where we want to place the toilet, the layout is not restricted, and the shape of the toilet has a lot of, so you can to a certain extent, have adornment effect, at the same time, it is to choose the design of roll line, also can avoid knocking against, more suitable for families with elderly and children.

The noise is small
Because into the wall, with the barrier of the wall, the noise of flushing is naturally weakened a lot, the old toilet because the water tank is outside, so the sound will be very loud, especially at night and in the morning when you sleep, because the noise is very easy to disturb others. The hanging toilet alleviates this problem.

When choosing back to wall toilet, there will be problems such as inconvenient cleaning, large footprint, and loud noise. Then, the appearance of the wall-mounted toilet can solve these problems in a timely manner.

Of course, in the decoration, wall hanging toilet or some problems worthy of attention. First of all, hanging toilet on the wall and drain high requirements, the back to build a false wall, the toilet bracket and water tank buried in the false wall, the corner of the wall must have a diameter of 110mm sewer director, in this sewer pipe to leave three, connect the sewer pipe in the back row of the toilet, this set of sewer pipe is also all sealed in the false wall. Because the tank is embedded.

Next, to the family with a limited budget, a wall-mounted closestool may not be a very good choice, because it requires very high quality to metope and drains pipe, so the price of installation cost and closestool itself is relatively expensive. However if pay more attention to the saving effort of daily cleaning, actually wall hanging toilet is a good choice really.

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