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Common Failures and Repair Methods of Toilets

Common Failures and Repair Methods of Toilets

Issue Time:2021-04-26
When there is a problem with the toilet  in the bathroom, we should first analyze the cause of the failure, and then perform corresponding repairs for different failures. The following are some common toilet failures and toilet repair methods.

Leaking toilet tank

Broken water tank

There are two reasons for the splitting of the water tank. One is the rupture of the water tank due to carelessness during use. Second, because of the quality of the water tank, although it was not damaged by external forces, its connection gradually cracked under the influence of water pressure. The first case is easy to find, while the second case is not so easy to find. If the water tank in your home is leaking, but you are not sure where it came from, you can drop a few drops of red ink in the water tank, and then observe where the red watermark leaks from, and you can find the leak. The water tank is broken and cannot be repaired. Replace with a new water tank as soon as possible. This time, you have to buy products of excellent quality.

Design flaws

If the water in the toilet tank overflows from the top. There are two reasons. One is that the water tank is too small, resulting in insufficient buoyancy. This is the most common problem with small water tanks. The second is the unreasonable design of the length of the water drift lever, which causes the sensitivity of the water drift to be affected, or it is stuck and difficult to move. For the problem of accessories, you can consider replacing them. If it is a design problem, you can only pay more attention to daily use. After flushing, check whether the float is reset. If not, push the float with your hand to prevent the water from being poured into the water tank. Remove the water bleach regularly for cleaning to avoid the accumulation of stains, which will further affect its smoothness of use.

Installation omission

If the water connection port on the outside of the toilet tank is leaking, it is caused by not tightening during installation. Of course, it may also be caused by the use of too long and the aging of the tape at the interface, resulting in a decrease in tightness and thus water leakage. It is easier to solve this problem. Close the water pipe gate and re-wrap the tape around the joint to solve the water leakage. But this requires professional staff to operate it to avoid malfunctions after a short period of time due to unfavorable installation.

Water leaking from the bottom of the toilet

1. In fact, it is to eliminate external problems. First, check that there is no external water leakage. The toilet should be disassembled and checked for internal problems. Check whether the inner wall of the internal toilet is cracked. If there is any crack, you can directly repair it with sealing glass glue, and check whether there is any Install the toilet sealing flange ring, if not installed, install one.

2. Check the flush toilet, and then update the parts if the toilet is aging.

3. If the WC toilet is loose and the internal sewage outlet is not connected tightly, the toilet can be refilled with sealant.

The toilet tank is not filled with water

1. The bathroom toilet tank is not filled with water until the flush toilet is in use. It is usually a clogging problem. At this time, some tools such as waste toothbrushes can be used to clean the water parts and filter. Of course, the cleaning effect will be better if it is matched with a scale cleaner. it is good. Usually, you can also add some descaling agent to the water replenisher to remove the scale and make it more difficult to block.

2. You can also adjust the height of the floating bucket to solve the problem of not filling the flush toilet. If the toilet tank cover will top the water inlet valve, you need to adjust the position of the water inlet valve until the float or floating ball of the water inlet valve can move freely. If the floating bucket gets stuck, the water will generally not come in.

3. In many cases, there is no water in the bathroom toilet tank, or it can be said that water cannot be stored because the button of the toilet is not flexible. This is caused by the water in the spring of the button and rust. At this time, the button needs to be replaced, or if it is not too troublesome, it is okay to press it several times each time to reset.

Water keeps on the toilet

1. If it is found that the problem is caused by the water tank, the water tank should be disassembled at this time, and the parts of the water tank should be inspected one by one to see if the parts of the water tank are intact. Some parts that cannot be repaired should be replaced; if the problem is too serious, then It is recommended that the entire water tank be replaced to avoid more serious troubles in the future.

2. If it is because of the sewer pipe, check the joint of the sewer pipe as soon as possible to see if there is any looseness, or the pipe is blocked or damaged, and check one by one. If it is because the pipe is rotten, it needs to be replaced. If it is because of the interface, it should be fixed with a material similar to the iron wire.

We need to pay attention to many issues when inspecting and repairing toilet malfunctions. If we can't solve it, we must ask professional maintenance personnel to deal with it. If the above content is not very helpful to you, you can get more professional and specific solutions by contacting us, and we also have corresponding customized services.

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