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How to Install a Toilet?

How to Install a Toilet?

Issue Time:2021-05-06

The toilet is usually carried out after the bathroom tiles are laid. The installation steps and process are much simpler than the squatting toilet. The following are the specific installation steps and precautions for the bathroom toilet.

Inspection toilet

First, check whether the toilet has bumps and whether the toilet parts are complete.

Preparing to install tools

The installation tools generally include a tee, a wrench, a raw material belt, an angle valve, and anti-mold glass glue. A flange ring is also required. If the sewage pipe is polished, a sander is also required.

Before installation, the tiles need to be laid, and the surface of the tiles should be kept flat and clean.

Cut the sewage outlet and polish it

First of all, we need to cut and polish the sewage outlet. When cutting the sewage pipe, do not cut the sewage pipe flush with the ground, leave a little bit out, and then use a sander to smooth it.

Block the holes that are not needed in the toilet

There may be some unnecessary holes in the toilet. For example, some toilets have two holes for fixing, then this hole needs to be blocked to avoid the occurrence of a peculiar smell in the toilet later. If it is blocked, use glass glue to block it.

In addition, there will be some toilets with different pit distances, so we need to block the unnecessary pit distances.

Install flange ring

It can also be called a sealing ring, which is mainly used to prevent odor. The flange ring is installed on the toilet, not on the sewage outlet. You must pay attention to it.

Align the toilet with the sewage outlet for installation

The wc toilet's sewage outlet is aligned with the toilet's sewage outlet, the toilet is erected on the ground, and then the position is adjusted slowly to reach the best position.

It should be noted that it is best to lift it up by two people, because it may be inconvenient for one person to operate it.

Install angle valve

The angle valve can be installed in advance or at this time. If your bathroom space is relatively small, it may not be too convenient to install, so install it in advance.

After installation, test the water, if you think it is possible, then proceed to the following steps.

When installing the angle valve, the raw material tape is needed, and it must be wound tightly, otherwise, there will be water leakage. In addition, it is best to use a good quality angle valve for the angle valve. After all, it is the place where it is exposed to water. If it is a bad angle valve, it may not be long before the angle valve ruptures, which may cause water to burst in the bathroom. come out.

Glass glue

The glass glue is mold-proof glass glue, because after all, the bathroom will often have water, so if it takes a long time, this kind of glass glue will not become moldy or black.

After finishing the glass glue, we need to make some corrections and scrape off some excess glass glue to make it more beautiful.

We must strictly follow the installation instructions when installing the bathroom toilet. If you are not experienced enough, it is most appropriate to ask professional staff to install it. If it’s not very helpful to you after reading the above methods, you can contact us to get related solutions.

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