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Working Principles of Flush Toilets

Working Principles of Flush Toilets

Issue Time:2021-05-18
the specific working principle of the toilet

The flush toilet uses the water release knob and water plug to control the release and storage of water. When the user is in use, it can work by turning on the switch of the toilet tank. The following is the specific working principle of the toilet.

Air suction

The flush toilet is a product of ingenious design that integrates the principle of the communicating device, the siphon phenomenon, and the air suction effect. Air suction, also known as "entrainment", is the use of increased fluid flow rate to produce suction of surrounding gas or liquid. According to the relationship between flow velocity and pressure, when the flow velocity at a place increases, the pressure at that place decreases accordingly. When the pressure decreases below the surrounding pressure, the surrounding fluid is sucked and flows into the place, which is called air suction. effect.


The siphon is the phenomenon of using the force of the difference in the liquid level. After filling an inverted U-shaped tubular structure with liquid, place the high end of the opening in a container filled with liquid, and the liquid in the container will continue to pass through the siphon from the opening. Flow out at a lower position. The essence of siphoning is caused by liquid pressure and atmospheric pressure.


When the bathroom toilet needs to be flushed, a large amount of clean water is poured from the inlet pipe into a container similar to a bighorn within about three seconds (this is what we can usually see water pouring into the toilet), and the water level rises quickly at the same time, The water level in the elbow also rises simultaneously. When the water level in the elbow rises to the top of the pipe, relying on its own gravity, the water can squeeze out the air in the elbow, and the water flows down the pipe and fills the pipe. At this time, the siphon phenomenon occurs and the water can continuously pass over. The highest point flows from the elbow. Once the water in the pipe flows quickly, the pressure here is lower than the surroundings. Therefore, the water in the container similar to a bighorn can be sucked and rolled into the elbow along with the feces and debris mixed in it. The drain pipe is discharged to complete the task of cleaning.

Water stopper

Finally, at the bottom of the container similar to a bighorn, there is a small amount of clean water that cannot be flushed into the elbow. They act as a water plug. The water is used to block the gas passage of the sewer and septic tank so that the odor cannot escape.

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