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How to Clean a Toilet?

How to Clean a Toilet?

Issue Time:2021-04-12
Everyone is very worried that the toilet is not clean, it will turn yellow and smell, which seriously affects the lives of family members. In fact, it is necessary to pay attention to methods and skills to how to clean a toilet.

Close the toilet lid when flushing

In most households, toileting, washing, and showering are carried out in the bathroom. Toothbrushes, mouthwash cups, towels, etc. are in the same room as the toilet, so they are naturally susceptible to bacterial contamination. Therefore, you should develop the habit of closing the wc toilet lid when flushing.

More bacteria in the toilet seat should focus on cleaning

The investigation found that 32% of toilets had Shigella bacilli. One of the Shigella bacilli named "Sonnie" survived on the toilet for as long as 17 days; another experimental report also pointed out that 100 million polio The inflammatory virus was thrown into the toilet, and there were as many as 3,000 viruses splashed on the seat. At the same time, many people like to put a flannel gasket on the toilet in winter, so that it is easier to absorb and retain pollutants and spread diseases.

The place with such serious pollution is the most "close" contact with people's skin, so it is important to clean it and wipe it with diluted household disinfectant every one or two days. As for the cloth gasket, it is best not to use it. If it must be used, it should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. If you have the conditions, you may wish to change to a toilet with antibacterial function and a splash-proof design.

Clean the dirt in the toilet in time

The toilet is easy to be stained with urine stains, feces, and other dirt. If you find that there are still residues after flushing, you must promptly remove it with a toilet brush, otherwise, it will easily form macular stains, and mold and bacteria will grow. Except for the vicinity of the pipe mouth, the outlet on the inner edge of the toilet and the outside of the base are places where dirt and dirt are contained. When cleaning, first lift the toilet seat and spray the interior with toilet cleaner. After a few minutes, use the toilet brush to scrub thoroughly. , It is best to use a thin-headed brush to better clean the inner edge of the toilet and the depth of the pipe mouth. Then brush the base and other gaps.

Try not to set up a waste paper basket near the toilet

Usually, you can also place a gradually-dissolving automatic toilet cleaner or hang a wall-mounted disinfection plug in the water tank, and achieve the effect of cleaning, descaling, disinfection, and sterilization through each flush.

Most families will set up a waste paper basket next to the toilet to store used toilet paper, but this will cause bacteria to spread in the air because few people can clean it at any time, at least one or two days, and the longer the time, The more bacteria will breed.

The toilet paper should be thrown into the toilet and flushed away. As long as it is not too thick or too tough, the toilet paper will generally soften quickly in the water, so there is no need to worry about clogging. When necessary, just prepare a sanitary bag, there is no need to set up a wastebasket. If you must use it, you should also choose a lid to prevent the spread of bacteria, and dispose of the used toilet paper in time.

Keep the toilet brush clean and dry

The toilet brush is an important part of keeping the toilet clean. However, if you do not pay attention to cleaning and drying, it can also become a source of pollution. Every time you finish brushing the dirt, the brush will inevitably be stained with dirt. It is best to rinse the brush with water again, rinse it, drain the water, spray with disinfectant, or soak it with disinfectant regularly, and place it in a suitable place.

It is recommended that the toilet brush should be hung up, not in the corner or in an airtight container.

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