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4 Precautions for Choosing a Wall Hung Toilet

4 Precautions for Choosing a Wall Hung Toilet

Issue Time:2021-05-25
four major considerations when choosing a wall-hung toilet

The hidden water tank of the wall-hung toilet is higher than that of the ordinary toilet, and the potential energy and momentum will be more prominent. And since the water tank and sewer pipe of the wall hung toilet is blocked in the wall, the flushing sound will be very small. The following are four major considerations when choosing a wall-hung toilet.

Determine the drainage method and purchase the corresponding accessories

Most of the house's sewage outlets are straight (the sewage outlet is on the ground). When you buy a wall-hung toilet, you need to purchase wall-hung toilet parts to change the position of the outlet, including the drain pipe and the S-bend (a special product for changing the position of the outlet).

Pay attention to the choice of pit distance

Before selecting the wall-hung toilet with a tank, measure the distance between the center of the sewage outlet and the wall, which is the "pit distance" mentioned in the product manual. It is divided into two types: ground pit distance and wall pit distance. wall hung toilets are generally wall pits. Distance, that is, measures the height from the center of the sewage outlet to the ground. When measuring, the thickness of the tiles must also be taken into account. The measured distance minus the thickness of the tiles is about 1-2 cm.

Pay attention to whether the wall is load-bearing or non-load-bearing

Load-bearing wall: Generally, it is necessary to build a false wall separately, reserve the inlet and outlet pipes in the wall, reserve the installation position of the toilet, and reserve the drainage pipe for connection.

Non-load-bearing wall: You can directly open a hole in the wall, arrange a fixing frame, and install the fixing frame on the ground. At the same time, reserve the water inlet and outlet pipes and arrange the position of the toilet accurately.

Pay attention to the choice of water fittings in the wall

Because the water tank of the wall-hung toilet is hidden in the wall, the material, technology, and internal water parts of the water tank are more important. For example, whether it is a high-grade resin, whether it is a one-time blow molding, directly determines the service life of the water tank; in addition, the water intake Valves and drain valves also require high-quality verification. It is recommended to choose a more reliable brand so that the follow-up guarantee will proceed smoothly.

Compared with traditional toilets, wall-hung toilets have many upgrades and improvements, but wall-hung toilets have some requirements for the wall, and we still need to pay attention to many things when choosing. If you want to know more about the suspended toilet after reading the above, you can contact us for more consultation and solutions. At the same time, the hanging toilets we produce are high-quality, safe, simple, and generous.

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